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Best ways to find a room in Utrecht Netherlands

Best ways to find a room in Utrecht

Finding a place to stay in Utrecht can be difficult but it’s not impossible. As you may know, Utrecht is a town of students since there are many major colleges including the Utrecht University, the town of Utrecht is always full of students staying there for their undergrad or masters.

So if you are a student and likely to travel there for studies and don’t want to live out of a suitcase, then my suggestion is to start looking for a place as early as possible.

Below I have mentioned the best ways to find a room in Utrecht.

The key is to start looking as early as possible because in a few rare cases the students have not been able to go through with their admission because they had no place to stay.

You can look for a room in Utrecht through following ways:-

  • Join Facebook groups

Join as many Facebook groups as you can that provide information about accommodation in Utrecht. As soon as you write a relevant query in the Facebook search bar something like housing Utrecht you will see relevant groups. Add yourself to those groups keep the notifications on and whenever they post about a room being available get on it and show your interest if it interests you and gets it as soon as possible, or you can even post a query with where you want the room and what should be the price range.

  • Get a room through a website

Another way to get a room in Utrecht is through websites. Housing websites provide listings from different agencies or self-generated and you can go through those listings and see if you find suitable accommodation. The listings mentioned here generally range from 400-1600 euros, so choose according to your budget. Some of these popular housing websites are:-

  • HousingAnywhere – rooms and apartments for rent from verified advertisers.
  • Kamernet (paid) – their own listings.
  • Nestpick – their own listings.
  • Pararius – an accumulation of all agency and personal listings.
  • Funda – an accumulation of all agency and personal listings.

  • Rental Agencies

The one option we are all familiar with is the rental agencies. You can get in contact with these agencies and they will help find you a room that suits your requirements and budgets. Some of the popular rental agencies in Utrecht are:-

  • Directwonen
  • Interhouse
  • Rotsvast
  • 123Wonen
  • Altijd Wonen

  • Asking a friend or people you know

It may not happen if you are an international student and don’t know anybody before arriving in Utrecht but after maybe living in Utrecht for a few months in a room you found through above-mentioned ways, you can try and switch to a better place if you need by networking and communicating with fellow students around.

Maybe someone is leaving or shifting to another place so if you talk to them and their landlord there is a high possibility you will be able to find a new place to live.

Generally in Utrecht, the landlords don’t tend to allow their tenets to stay for more than 6 months so you may need to move around often and if you wait till the last moment then chances are you might not find a place. So it’s better to book your room in advance by being in touch with people around you.

One place you can certainly find a room at the prices you feel is right for you is at BUNK Utrecht. BUNK hotels also provide a unique hostel room experience along with their hotels. With their sleep pods, you get a good sleeping space on a minimal budget which works perfectly if you are a student and BUNK hostels provide all the necessary amenities for students at affordable pricing.

It’s perfect for students, especially out-of-country travelers, and should be the first preference if looking for a place to stay on a budget.

These are some of the best possible solutions to the living problems in Utrecht, the key is to be quick, early, and decisive about finding the room.

Because Utrecht is an educational hub there are many students traveling every year from different countries so the earlier you get a room the easier it is to complete your studies in that city.


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