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Batu Feringghi Penang

1D3AC6BA-77EE-4767-AE5A-C6D1024704F0And what’s better than lazing and imbibing on the beach after an exciting jungle trek…?!

Welcome to Batu Feringghi (foreigners’ jaunt), a liltingly long stretch of coastline about 5 km from Penang National Park. Glitzy high rises brush cost vibes against plush resorts, and rustic cafés and bustling shops nestle in the nooks and crannies of this very hip and happening corner of the city. Penang is like a picture book and this is never more exemplified than at this very spot.

Remember to hit the bistros early on in the evening during happy hours, as the crowds begin building up and continue late into the night, and you might just miss being a part of it all…

Remember to check out the interesting night market and do NOT hesitate to bargain. You are NEVER too demanding!

And also remember to awaken languidly the next morning and catch the breakfast of your choice, from budget comfort food to McD’s to artisanal family owned restaurants.



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  • F207EC65-5B04-463D-9D55-A242EE61D7D2: Bora Bora Bistro
  • 9A15BF2B-D286-4795-B4EA-F443D55AFFC6: Watersports on the beach
  • EE6FDF16-93E3-46AB-BBEE-4CC7133E40CA: Sunset colours
  • 8C5A2700-5CDA-4515-89AB-126FCFDEA928: Bistro vibes
  • 5F8AEB94-2642-44FB-8384-DEA30BB96BB5: Eat (and drink) local!
  • 130AB4F2-78DA-45A2-BE47-2D45187762A6: This could be your corner
  • D3ACAD70-37FE-4CF7-8C4B-29D746356F0D: A very atmospheric Ship!
  • 1B302B15-803D-477B-987F-A8F9CCCED6B9: Lights, night markets, and more
  • 977404E0-81C4-4927-BC45-B89EA8CC07F1: Bora Bora in the morning light
  • 4D2AAE38-FEE0-482F-BC5C-B6FC00BD604E: And that’s your spot again!
  • 878955B1-26F6-4491-B891-06308DADA0F7: More Bora Bora Decor
  • 1D3AC6BA-77EE-4767-AE5A-C6D1024704F0: And a mermaid too!
  • 682C259E-910B-4816-AE44-2701F0F3FC7E: Breakfast
  • 4DBD96AA-6879-421D-BADB-BE217E646F3A: With good reading
  • 100C60C7-F41C-435D-97EA-FE9A01D1F42F: And that view again…
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