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7 Great Romantic Dating Ideas You Should Try

When a person first begins dating, a few drinks and a nice meal is all it really takes. However, once enough time has passed by and people get more comfortable with each other, it would simply be fun to add just a little “spark” back into any date night. Other than those typical dates, creative dating ideas are certainly in order.

Ranging from great foodie date night ideas which include eating each one of the meal courses at a different restaurant, to various outdoorsy ideas for nature fanatics, this article has a list of 7 best romantic dating ideas that cover every base. So get into it and plan something special and unexpected for your next date. 

  • Plan a Picnic: 

Whether you’re getting to a park or even just your fire escape or backyard for a little picnic, arrange a little blanket, get a nice spread of delicious snacks, a bottle of some good wine, and you have now got yourself a beautiful, low-cost date. Make sure you drink more water to avoid heat stroke 

  • Visit a Museum and See Something Unexpected: 

Visiting a museum is one of the greatest dating ideas. You could simply go and see a controversial show, and this is how a conversation would simply flow from there and you’d get to know each other better. 

  • Get on with a Little Road Trip: 

Pick a great destination which is probably just about an hour from your place, for instance, a popular restaurant off the beat market or even just a flea market and simply enjoy a nice drive with your date. 

  • Meet up for Drinks at a Local Landmark: 

You could meet up with your date for some drinks at any nice place such as the Empire State Building to the Eiffel Tower, or even to the Top of the Space Needle. Just head to such a local landmark and appreciate the view. Meanwhile, you would also be crafting your own movie-worthy moment.  

  • Stargazing: 

Now stargazing is certainly a bit of a cliché, but it is simply a great romantic dating idea! Who could possibly resist a date night which involves stargazing? You could get started by downloading various stargazing apps to know what you’re looking at. 

  • Go Camping Together: 

You could borrow the camping equipment from a friend unless you have your own and you could make s’mores on an open fire. Unplug yourself completely from technology. The best thing is that you could even do this in your own backyard. 

  • Head to a Free Outdoor Concert 

One of the greatest ways of spending a nice summer afternoon with your date is to simply seek out a free casual concert outdoor. This could be just about everything ranging from the symphony to an indie band. And just enjoy!


These were the basic dating ideas which you could easily fit in your budget and also make your date appreciate all your efforts. Give it a try and have a great date!

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