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5 Top Destinations to Check Out When Visiting Sydney

SydneySydney is the oldest and biggest city of Australia. It lies in between the intermingling of land and sea. In 1788, commander of the First Fleet Captain Arthur Phillip established the first British colony in Sydney Cove of Australia. Tourists can no visit Sydney's fabled history in the narrow cobbled laneways and historic buildings surrounding the area. 

After booking your flight and choosing the best hotel such as Four Seasons and Holiday Inn accommodation, it is time to explore the various destinations that Sydney can offer. Make sure that your first visit in Australia will be memorable as you marvel at Sydney’s beauty and rich history.

Below are the top destinations you should not miss when visiting Sydney:

Taronga Zoo

Located in Sydney’s Mosman neighborhood, the world-class Taronga Zoo provides a close-up view of Australia’s indigenous creatures and animals from all over the world. Highlights include the zoo’s Roar and Snore experience that allows the visitors to stay overnight to observe nocturnal fauna, and the Nura Diya tour featuring guides who share stories about Aboriginal life. The zoo can be reached by car or bus. Alternatively, tourist can choose a short ferry ride to the nearest wharf. From there, the entrance to the zoo is accessed by short gondola ride. Zoo tickets are available that cover ferry and gondola fares.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House started to open its door in October 1973 and the landmark has accommodated millions of visitors from around the world. The enormous brown structure with a white and multi-level curved roofline is designed to look like sails. The Sydney Opera House is a cultural center, which is the home of Australia’s best operas, orchestras, ballet and theatre.

Tourists can join the regular behind-the-scene tours, offering the chance to stand on the stage and view the world through the eyes of an actor. Moreover, they can simply sit on one of its many steps and enjoy the view. Locals love to hang out with their families around the area. There are cafes, restaurants and coffee shops that let the tourists enjoy food after checking out the place.

Australian Museum

The oldest museum in Australia features dinosaur exhibitions and it is popular for having one of best collections of anthropology and natural history. There are events for kids if visiting the museum during the school holidays periods. It also provides short film screenings. Kids under 16 get free admission to the museum.

Circular Quay

Built by convict labor in Sydney Cove, Circular Quay is now home to the city's main ferry terminal. Thousands of commuters flock the area at peak hours. There are cafes abound and street performers entertaining locals and visitors. This is the main point for the popular harbor cruises for tourists to appreciate Sydney's sparkling waterfront setting. There are also whale-watching cruises during annual winter migration.

Bondi Beach

The iconic beach of Australia is considerably safe compared to some other beaches in the area. Bondi Beach is abundant of restaurants. Visitors can swim, play in the water, dig in the sand, and lay on the beach. It is also recommended to walk from Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk or other option is shorter Bondi to Tamarama Walk which lead to other beaches.


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