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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Taveuni, Fiji

taveuni fiji resortWhen looking at the lists of the most common travel destinations in Fiji, Taveuni is usually not listed. This is such a shame since there are many reasons why you should check out this island. It is actually the third largest in Fiji, even if it is smaller than Vanua Levu and Viti Levu.

If you want to visit a Caribbean exotic island, consider Taveuni and do it because of the following reasons.

An Untouched Paradise

One thing many do not know is that Fiji has a lot of its land now cleared for development and farmland. This means that human interference in natural settings gets more and more invasive. With Taveuni though, most of the island is untouched. That is why locals often say it is the “Garden Island of Fiji”.

On this island you can find countless flora and fauna, including the beautiful tagimaucia flower and the really rare orange dove. You can see numerous waterfalls and if you love hiking, you will really appreciate the Bouma National Heritage Park.

The Tagimaucia Flower

Speaking about the tagimaucia flower, I need to highlight that it is a unique Taveuni resident with a name that originates from the local Lake Tagimaucia. This flower is the national emblem of the country and Taveuni is the best place to find it since it grows throughout all the mountains there.

This beautiful red and white flower just grows at an altitude of over 600 meters. It has its own folklore and locals will tell you that when you see this flower, you can figure out who your true love is.

The Rainbow Reef

Rainbow Reef is located between Vanua Levu and Taveuni, in the renowned Somosomo Strait. The reason why you might want to visit is that this spot is perfect for snorkeling thanks to the fish and coral present. This is one of the best places to go diving in Fiji.

The International Date Line

This is something that you most likely want to brag about or post on social media. Taveuni is one of the very few locations around the world with land where you can stay right on the International Date Line. Technically, the line was moved so that you are not able to stay with one leg in today and the other leg in yesterday but the line is actually straight and you can brag all you want.

Waitavala Natural Waterslide

When people visit Taveuni, my personal best place to stay in Fiji, they often check out the Waitavala Natural Waterslide. You should do the same since water rushes right over rocks and your ride (if you have the courage to be on it) will be very exciting.

What I really like here is that the locals show off the skills they have. Then, they actually tell you their secrets. Slides are not really huge but the experience is definitely intimidating.

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