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5 Exclusive Tips for a Successful Segway Experience in Chicago


 Segway has become one of the most accepting transportation systems among people, especially in this young generation. This is fun and exciting. Though it seems similar to electric kick scooter this is something more. If you are a first timer and feel uncomfortable and find it intimidating, you can use some of the exclusive tips this article is going to provide for you.

  1. Move Subtly:

    This is the first rule while riding a Segway. Subtle movements will lead you to a managed and safe ride. Moving too quickly in between the busy roads can cause accidents and hazardous situation. You will not require a lot of lessons to experience a Segway because this is more comfortable to ride than your imagination.

  2. Be Confident and Bold:

    This is what works the most. To get the proper balance, you will require confidence and bold attitude towards your movement. Once you are nervous, you will fall down. Don’t panic frequently because this can cause unusual acts of your Segway. The more nervous you will become, the more your Segway will act strangely.

  3. Concentrate on your Foot placement:

    It is important to pay attention to your foot placement. It depends a lot on the way you place your foot, the balancing you will acquire. Try to place your foot precisely to enjoy the perfect Segway experience. Once you are fine with balancing, you can try those Chicago Segway Tours placed more often to experience the ultimate excitement.

  4. Limit the Speed:

    Segway is not a very speedy vehicle. However, you should concentrate on your speed. The average speed of a Segway is around 11 to 12 miles per hour. You will get notified when the speed crosses the limit. The handlebars press back towards the waist to indicate it is the maximum wrap.

  5. The Handles are Different from a Motorcycle:

    Though the handles look similar to a motorcycle, they don’t actually work in this way. You cannot break or accelerate with them at all. It is provided actually to mount, dismount, and balancing the body on the machine properly.

Segway experiencing can be one of your memorable trips but make sure you are aware of the little safety issues regarding this. Do not become overwhelmed, nervous, and panic otherwise the ride will go in vain.

Last edited by Paul Heymont
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