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3 Tips For Locating Your Perfect Vacation Rental App

When you just want to take a break from it all - travel to a new place, familiar or unfamiliar - you don’t want to be worrying about where you’re going to sleep at night. We’ve been there; it’s not fun at all. That’s why we decided to put together a list of key tips for finding the right vacation rental book app; one that will not only get you where you need to go but have you living the life of luxury while doing it.

One of the most helpful resources we found while doing research on the subject was a website called AppGrooves. Its list of the best 10 vacation rental apps helped give us a foundation - a starting point - so we had somewhere to begin. 

Best 10 Vacation Rental Booking Apps

 Keep reading for our top tips and get ready to sit back, relax, and vacation!

Deals & Discounts to Save Money

Are vacation rental deals and discounts something you look for actively? Then you’re going to want an app that has weekly deals and specials that you can use to save big money when you book.

Or, if you hate spending money where you don’t need to, you’ll probably prefer an app that is completely free so you’re not wasting money on service charges that don’t benefit you. Instead, choose to spend your money on things that matter and make your vacation even more memorable.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t need to scrimp and save to go on your dream vacation. Choose an app that offers regular discounts on things like transportation, rental fees, food, and entertainment in order to find good, efficient ways to lower cost.

Popular, Trustworthy Sites

Make sure you and your money are in good hands with the most popular vacation rental sites like travelgumbo, Tripz, VRBO, FlipKey, Airbnb, HomeAway, HomeToGo,, and Yahoo Travel. Even better, find an app that compiles listings of rental properties from all of these sites (and/or more!) into one master list that you can easily search.

Looking for a vacation rental that's owner that’s been validated as being a legitimate business person? Find an app that allows you to look at homeowner profiles, home ratings, and even reviews to see how other guests have interacted with them in the past. Want to share your own experiences with a vacation rental owner? Help others make their decisions in the future by writing your own review.

Just make sure that, wherever you go, you always have access to necessities. If you aren’t planning to bring your car with you, then select a vacation rental app that gives you access to other trustworthy resources, such as a nearby rental car company.

Vacation Rentals by Location

When deciding where it is you want to vacation, consider a number of factors such as cost, travel time, and the weather conditions. Haven’t yet made these decisions? You might want to look for an app that offers vacation rental listings in a variety of places all over the world.

Or, if you have somewhere specific in mind - whether you’re dream destination is an oceanfront house only a drive away from Orlando, Florida, or you’d prefer locations like Las Vegas, Seattle, or even India - find an app that lets you focus on the area you want to stay in and select vacation rental properties specifically from that spot.

If you’re not picky about the weather and would simply prefer a calm place to relax at a good price, you might want an app that offers cheap stays at a variety of locations and properties. Apps with access to sites, such as HomeToGo, make it easy to find cost-effective places to stay in destinations you’ll love.


So now you know what you need to look for when it comes to a vacation rental app. Don’t get green with vacation envy - there’s no need! Simply find the app that’s right for you to begin your quest of finding a vacation location that puts the smile back on your face and the energy back in your body. These tips have worked for us; they’ll work for you too!

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