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3 Alternatives To b&b Accommodation In France

With reliably warm weather, beautiful scenery and gastronomic delights; France is a very popular holiday destination. As parts of the country are only hours away, it is a hit with both those looking for long summer vacations or short weekends away.

France offers a huge variety of holiday and accommodation options, so there is something for everyone. While hotels and B&B’s are a very popular choice, if you’re after something a little different on your holiday to France then here are three alternatives to give you a holiday to remember.

Camping And Caravanning

The weather is often the biggest turn off for camping holidays in England, but in France, you are almost guaranteed to get great weather. There are a wealth of camping and caravanning sites all over France offering secluded, calming environments or big family friendly sites with pools and bars. No matter what your style there is a site for you. Experience the nature of France as you fend for yourself in a large tent or find a caravan for that added luxury. Choose to stay near the coast with easy access to the beach, close to a city for the added attraction of gourmet restaurant and a busy nightlife or opt to camp out in the countryside surrounded by a wealth of wildlife. A self-catered holiday such as this allows you to sample the fresh ingredients France has to offer as you enjoy the warm climate and light evenings.

Barge Cruise

If exploration is what you want out of a holiday but you prefer a slower pace of life then a barge cruise of France’s canals may be just up your street. Investigate private canal boat hire in France and get the family away on a barge cruise throughout one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The whole family can unwind as you breeze along the waterways and explore a new town every day.

Find a canal boat of the prefect size for your family and you will be amazed at how much room you all have. With en-suite cabins, large seating areas inside and out and a kitchenette to prepare meals; a barge is a home away from home. Study maps to find the areas you want to go and have fun and bond over working each lock as you travel along the canal. Explore each unique town you pass as you grab fresh bread, pastries, meat and groceries from the local shops for each day’s meals. Quaint villages and niche pubs await you as you go off the unbeaten track on a holiday which you will look back on fondly for years to come.

Holiday Cottage Or House

Immerse yourself in the French countryside and hire out a holiday cottage or house for a week or two for your next holiday. There is an array of places, styles and sizes to suit any taste. Take the family away to a cottage or house with a large pool and ocean views to spend some quality time together. Alternatively, a remote and secluded holiday cottage is the ideal place for a romantic getaway when you want to close the door and leave the world behind you.

The bonus of hiring a cottage is that you have the freedom to do what you want when you want so you’re guaranteed to have a relaxing time. With a large kitchen to cook the foods you enjoy you simply need to find the nearest town to grab your ingredients. If you normally don’t get the time you wish you spend together as a family then a holiday cottage might be your perfect solution. whether it’s just your immediate family or your entire family; staying under the same roof as you enjoy all France has to offer is bound to bring you all closer together.

Next time you’re looking to visit France, why not consider some options other than the standard B&B or hotel? You may be very glad you did!

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