Yukon Transportation Museum, Whitehorse (Where Gumbo was #312)


Gumbo was visiting the Yukon Transportation Museum, situated between the Whitehorse airport and the Yukon Beringia Center.   Congratulations to George G, who recognized where Gumbo was this week.

01 Yukon Transporation Museum )

I enjoy transportation and car museums, so it's no surprise that I thought this was one of the most interesting places to visit in Whitehorse.  The museum is mostly housed in a large building with several wings, but also spreads onto the surrounding grounds.  The Yukon is large territory, but is sparsely populated.  The museum focuses on those things that made the Yukon Territory what it is today, so there is a heavy emphasis of large machinery, trucks and airplanes -- the type of equipment needed to get around in and develop a wild and frozen land.  But the collection goes beyond that.

The Museum tells some of the stories of the Yukon's development, especially of the very important Klondike Gold Rush.  This include dioramas of the daunting challenge the propsectors faced as they had to climb the Chilkoot pass in the dead of winter....

09 Yukon Transporation Museum (72)

Another focuses on life atop the Chilkoot Pass, where people had to present a ton of supplies before the Mounties would let them enter Canada....

11 Yukon Transporation Museum (75)

And further on their journey, a diorama of building their boats and rafts at Lake Bennet in preparation for a dangerous trip down the Yukon River.  When the ice on the lake broke, thousands of these watercraft headed downstream.  It would have been quite a sight!

10 Yukon Transporation Museum (74)

After the gold rush had ended, a railroad was completed between Skagway and Whitehorse, which pioneered the use of large shipping containers (now seems trains only have large shipping containers).  The museum has several rail cars from the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway.

38 Yukon Transporation Museum (27)

39 Yukon Transporation Museum (59)

08 Yukon Transporation Museum (71)

There's also an old sled that was used in the winter to transport people between Whitehorse and Dawson after the Yukon River had frozen solid and before a rail line had been built between the two communities.

17 Yukon Transporation Museum (2)

This old locomotive built in 1888 provided the power to move many things up the mountain passes into the Yukon.

03 Yukon Transporation Museum. Portland Locomotive, 1888

The Museum housed vehicles in several rooms, one of which contained an interesting minature of the town of Whitehorse....

12 Yukon Transporation Museum (77)

In the same room were several old cars, all donated to Museum.

14 Yukon Transporation Museum (86)

15a Yukon Transporation Museum (3)

16a Yukon Transporation Museum (109)

Among the more interesting features in the Yukon Transportation Museum is its focus on early aviation, especially of the early bush pilots as they struggled to open access to the vast frontier.

37 Yukon Transporation Museum (67)

19 Yukon Transporation Museum (78)

35 Yukon Transporation Museum (126)

The Alaska Highway is the lifeblood of the Yukon, and the story of its construction is highlighted here, as is some of the equipment used in making it.

50 Yukon Transporation Museum (99)

26 Yukon Transporation Museum. REO Gold Comet Truck, 1949

28 Yukon Transporation Museum. REO Gold Comet Truck, 1949

The museum houses some of the agriculture equipment that was used in early farms.

44 Yukon Transporation Museum. 1938 Fordson Model M

43 Yukon Transporation Museum (37)

Given that winter is the longest season here, transportation in the snow is important.  A precursor to the snow-mobile is this Bombardier snow coach

23 Yukon Transporation Museum. Bombardier, father of the modern snow-mobile. 1954

25 Yukon Transporation Museum (115)

Dog sledding is still practiced here as it is in nearby Alaska.  

21 Yukon Transporation Museum (108)

The Yukon River and its tributaries was for many decades the major transportation route, and large sternwheelers and boats moved up and down the rivers by the dozens.  There's one of these now rare boats at the museum (although it's rear paddle is absent).

40 Yukon Transporation Museum (18)

41 Yukon Transporation Museum (31)

Lastly some of the local vehicles which add a unique quality to the museum, like this Anglican Sunday School Mission bus...

48 Yukon Transporation Museum (49)

One of the first public buses in the Yukon....

46 Yukon Transporation Museum. City of Whitehorse Passenger Mini-bus

Even a local police cruiser....

33 Yukon Transporation Museum. 1992 Chevy Caprice

The museum has a small giftshop with some interesting items for purchase, if you're so inclined. 

49 Yukon Transporation Museum (53)

If you go:

Visiting hours are very seasonal:

September to Mid-May: Sundays and Mondays, 12:00pm to 5:00pm (tours on other days are available by appointment)

Mid-May to August 31st:  Daily, 10:00am to 6:00pm

$10   Adults
$8    Seniors (55+)
$20   Family Pass (2 Adults & 2 Children)

To properly view everything, you'd need between 2-4 hours, depending on how much detail you want to learn about the many varied exhibits.

30 Yukon Transporation Museum (124)

During the summer months (May to August), tours are offered daily at 11:30 a.m., as well as 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. I went on one of those and found the young guide to be enthusiastic and informative.


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