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Will JetBlue Change Its Colors?

MarketWatch put it this way" "JetBlue may start putting customers second."


The thought, encouraged by the stock market, is that JetBlue which is doing quite well financially, thank you, could do even better by squeezing more revenue from passengers by charging for the first bag, adding on other feeds, and even squeezing legroom. JetBlue's high ratings with passengers for its friendliness and service, the thinking goes, are not enough.


A management change that is likely to continue, and a partnership with an Irish company that specializes in marketing "ancillary income" are part of what's fueling the speculation. Read more HERE

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I can't see why they would change if their stock is up already 49% this year.


Airlines are making record profits in the US  now and that's mainly been because of higher fares and fees for the consumer. There's not too many true budget airlines left in the US.











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