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Where in the World is Gumbo #10


Here's another (hopefully) puzzling picture for the Gumbo Guessers.


No helpful signs with language cues, but plenty of architectural and historical points to ponder and play with. Oh, that's Mrs. Gumbo waiting on the bench while the picture was taken—but that won't help much, because she's been to almost as many places as Hello Kitty.



Gumbo is tired of the numbers game. No more .5 or .8! Each new puzzle will have its own number (this would have been #18 if we'd followed that rule all along.


That said, here's a new puzzle. The answer will be revealed Tuesday morning, a day before the next puzzle goes up.


Please feel free to post comments, ask questions, collaborate with other members to get closer and closer to the answer, BUT please do not post actual "I've got the complete answer" guesses until Monday afternoon, to give everyone a chance to take part. IF you think you have the answer before that, e-mail it to and we'll publish your guess Monday afternoon.


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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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This is getting to be a bi-weekly announcement: WorkerBee zoomed in on the statue of the Sacred Heart in the background of the picture and searched for it online, and correctly identified the scene as the courtyard of the Cathedral in Cuernavaca, Mexico.


The good news is that WorkerBee has some mysterious pictures of his own, and when the time comes he will join the ranks of the puzzlers!


In the meantime, see tomorrow morning's "reveal" with more information about Where Gumbo Was.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

I think we may need a new category here, Gumbo Puzzlers Emeritus.  Several of us may want to step aside and have a pint while we watch the rest work it out.  Then, of course, we could join with a new name (or 3) if it was VERY important to win.  Not accusing anyone, you understand.

Originally Posted by TatToo:

Did Mrs. Gumbo not get to the tapas bar ?



No, because we had already eaten. But, against the wall of the Cathedral she found a truly gaudy fruit cart that made her a wonderful fruit salad to order, which we ate in the Jardin Borda...


The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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