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Where Gumbo Was #10: Cuernavaca Cathedral

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 Once again, WorkerBee grabbed the glory, using the background statue as his starting point to identify a gallery along the courtyard of Cuernavaca Cathedral in Mexico.


Watch tomorrow for Where in the World is Gumbo's puzzle #11.


Cuernavaca Cathedral's oldest parts date to the early 1500s; the church was originally aimed at converting indigenous people, and was part of a walled compound that also came to include a monastery.



It's been altered many times over, including a major renovation in 1957 that stripped off centuries of accumulated decoration and moved them to storage, leaving a simple but beautiful result, highlighted by the huge 18th-century murals painted to honor Jesuits martyred in Japan. 


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Across the street from the Cathedral stands another treasure: the lush foliage of the Jardin Borda




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