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What Millenials Want Most: Travel!


It's not always easy to tell who's a 'millenial,' but a new study says it's easy to tell what they want to do: Hit the road.

The millenials, also called Generation Y, generally refers to those born between about 1980 and 2000, and that's the heart of the group surveyed by the Gfk market research company on behalf of...wait for it: Airbnb. The study focused on the travel habits of 18-35 year-olds in the U.S., UK and China, which Airbnb has identified as its most important segment.

What they found, in over 1000 interviews and analysis, is that across the board, travel ranks higher as a goal with this group than buying a car, buying a home, or even paying off debt. In the U.S. and UK, savings ranked slightly, but not much, above travel. 

The survey showed 93% of Chinese millenials consider travel an important part of their identity. 83% of Airbnb's users in China fit the age group, and the company has had a 356% growth in the past year alone.

And, the survey suggests, millenials are independent travelers, creating their own itineraries and accommodations, and looking to stay in "cool, local' neighborhoods. And 75% post their experiences on social media.

For more detail and data from The Telegraph (UK), click HERE

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