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Whale Park, Juneau, Alaska


My husband Gene and I had a wonderful time on our first trip to Alaska in July 2020. It was quite interesting as the state had just opened up for tourists with a negative test. We were tired of being copped up and Juneau was a great escape. While there we checked out Mayor Bill Overstreet Park, or more informally known as Whale Park.

Overstreet Park 2The park is actually a little larger than I thought it would be as it was over half a mile. Of course, the centerpiece is the huge breaching whale sculpture called Tahku. On a side note, it was built by an Alaskan artist named Skip Wallen and built-in Anaheim, my old stomping ground, lol

Overstreet Park 4In case you were interested, the park is named after Bill Overstreet, a former mayor of Juneau who successfully fought to maintain Juneau as the capital city of Alaska. It was nice to see while in the area.

Overstreet Park 3


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