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Wetlands, Reno, Nevada


Before I first visited Reno some 30 years ago, I thought it would be like Las Vegas.  A landlocked city in the middle of the desert.

Reno surprised me.  While it has a dry high desert climate, it contains some of the run-off from the Sierra Nevada mountains.  And while Nevada consists of less than 1% wetlands, Reno has more than its fair share.

01 Reno wetlands

My older son and his wife live near the city's Damonte Ranch Wetlands.  While it's a developed area, it contains flowing water and many ponds, with rushes and grasses.  The scene is nicely framed by the Sierra Nevada mountains to the east.  It's a great place to hike, bike, and also for bird-watching.

Here are some of the birds we saw on a spring hike:

02 Reno wetlands

03 Reno wetlands. American avocet(American avocet)

04 Reno wetlands. Black-necked stilt
(Black necked stilt)

05 Reno wetlands(Red-winged blackbird)

06 Reno wetlands cinnamon teal(Cinnamon Teal)

07 Reno wetlands(Canada Geese)


Images (8)
  • 00 Reno wetlands
  • 01 Reno wetlands
  • 02 Reno wetlands
  • 03 Reno wetlands.  American avocet
  • 04 Reno wetlands.  Black-necked stilt
  • 05 Reno wetlands
  • 06 Reno wetlands cinnamon teal
  • 07 Reno wetlands

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