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Wandering In and Around Split

Truly a vision and sight every tourist should witness off the Dalmatian coast, the city of Split happens to not only be the second largest city in Croatia but one of its finest.  It is a place constantly buzzing with life and exudes the perfect balance of rich tradition and modernism.


Here I bring you just a few of countless things to see and do in this gorgeous Mediterranean jewel.


Things to See


Diocletian’s Palace


In a place that is so loaded with history, there's much to see and do.  One of the most significant is the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace.   Because of it’s stoic, Roman appearance, it continues to captivate any person who visits Split. The structure was built in the Middle Ages and with its sandy white stones and its authentic Egyptian influences, it makes for a great stop while you are in town.

 Diocletians Mausoleum Split

(Inside the palace: the Mausoleum of Diocletian)


Peristyle inside palace

(The remains of peristyle and single columns inside the palace)


Diocletian Silver gate

(Silver Gate (Porta Argentea), one of  four gates of the palace)


The Cathedral of St. Domnius


A beautiful cathedral which was built as the mausoleum for Diocletian, the Cathedral of St. Domnius (known as Sv. Duje in Croatian) is still in wonderful shape due to the great care it has received over the years.  It is filled with monuments which pay tribute to Christ, full of decorated murals and 13th century artistry that perpetually beckons the imagination.

  Split Cathedral bell tower

(View from the bottom of bell tower of St. Domnius' Cathedral,

one of main symbols of the city)


Old Town


The old town core of Split is a truly genuine portrait of a quintessential, historical European town.  Its old Roman vibe is impossible to ignore. The sights of vintage, dank basements, labyrinth of halls and staircases and locations which were created for making wine and olive oil, impress the seekers of grandiose history.

  Split aerial

(Split from the air: Diocletian's palace, harbor and part of the old town)

(credit: E.coli from


Things to do

Walk the Riva of Split


The very the heart of Split is the Riva promenade and it happens to be the very lifeblood of the city’s entertainment scene. The area is full of fantastic restaurants, bars and music-filled night clubs which always never fail to impress anybody looking for a great time.

  Split Riva

(A green oasis with palm trees and benches separated by wide promenade

from numerous restaurants and bars on the Riva of Split)


Relax and enjoy at Bacvice beach


Considered one of the most active tourist sites in the entire region of Split, Bacvice beach is beloved for its art-deco style and undeniable old world charm.  The beach is also widely known as the home of the “picigin” - a ball game that is only ever played in-and-around the area of Split.  Spectacular sunbathing, great restaurants and unique places where people love to get together and drink after sunset make for a poignant stop while in town.

  Bacvice beach, Split

(Beautiful, sunny day at Bacvice beach)


Climb up the Marjan hill


A green oasis of enchantment, enjoyed by tourist and locals alike, is Marjan hill which numerous people consider to be the “lungs of the city”.  Landscapes that are designed with superiority, vista points, ancient temples and beaches which zig-zag around, the location is likened to that of New York’s Central Park.


Experience the islands of Brac and Solta


The Dalmatian Coast would not be the same without the presence of the two islands of Brac and Solta.  Both are covered with dolomite and limestone and are primarily known for their old, historic homes which were built of stone.  According to the local Croatia sailing experts, many tourists, but also folks from Croatia's mainland, love to visit the islands as often as they can in the summer season because of what a spectral and enchanting atmosphere they consistently impose.

 Solta Maslinica dock

Dock in port village Maslinica at the island of Solta

(credit: Joadl from


Solta is a several times smaller island than Brac and its known for the charming old villages, hidden bays and the moments of serenity it offers visitors.  On the other hand, Brac is labelled as one of the most popular islands in Dalmatia and the whole Croatian coast, widely recognizable for its famous, pebble beach called Zlatni Rat. The island offers many sorts of entertainment to tourists: from the adventurous outdoor activities, such as cycling, climbing (Brac is the highest Adriatic island!), sailing, diving and other to vibrant, wild nightlife in restaurants, clubs and bars for which the town of Bol is the perfect spot.

 Brac beach

(One of the numerous pebble beaches on Brac)


After visiting it, talking to local folks and reading about this magnificent city, I've figured out that Split has always been a significant presence on the Dalmatian Coast and obviously throughout Croatia.  But due to the constant positive feedback of visitors from around the globe, the city is quickly becoming a one of the favorite in the entire continent of Europe.



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  • Bacvice beach, Split
  • Brac beach
  • Diocletian Silver gate
  • Diocletians Mausoleum Split
  • Peristyle inside palace
  • Solta Maslinica dock
  • Split aerial
  • Split Cathedral bell tower
  • Split Riva


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Thanks for this! A real reminder of how artificial our categories (Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Mediterranean, etc.) seem when we see how much in common they share!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

Hi, guys!


I'm glad you like the post and the city, too. Yes, it's really beautiful!


@Travel Luver, it's a tough question. Depending on what would you like to do there?

Visiting the city only or perhaps paying a visit to its surrounding area (which I highly recommend)?


...on the road again

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If you're a sightseer and don't want to be in a constant hurry, I recommend 5-6 days for the first visit. Split is, actually, not a very large city, but has a plenty of historic sights and nice places to offer. You'll have enough time to explore the city in a relaxed tempo and doing it on foot would be the best, use taxi/bus only for longer distances. Including the daytrip to the area, round it up to 7 days. Also, Trogir is a charming small town pretty near Split so don't hesitate to take a peek there as well.


And after a first time you'll probably wish to come again.


...on the road again

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