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Volterra: A Tuscan Gem


We came here for a friend’s wedding in September and wished we’d stayed longer than the four days we allowed. One of Italy’s famous hill towns set high above the Tuscan countryside, it was a non-stop photo opportunity.


We had visited several of these hilltop towns before but weren’t familiar with Volterra. It is situated south-west of Florence, a little over an hour’s drive.


Volterra was one of the 12 main towns that belonged to the Etruscan confederation. Its 7,000 metres-plus walls were built at the end of the 4th century BCE, to protect the town and its surrounds from foreign invasions.


Above: Our hotel (top) and the view from our room.

Today, it is possible to see the Etruscan origins of Volterra by its unusual urban layout. Visitors can walk around and clamber over the protective walls, which are still in remarkably good condition.


Looking down to the Porta dell’Arco

We stayed at the delightful Hotel Volterra In, close to the well-preserved Porta dell'Arco, one of the entry gates in the wall. There are many Roman ruins to visit including the Roman Theatre, dating back to the end of the first century and built in a natural amphitheatre shape.



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"Not all who wander are lost."  JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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