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Visiting Budapest, Hungary


It was during a cold January week, yet there was plenty to do with attractions in Budapest open for business.  The street vendors were out selling nesting dolls and before entering the Fine Arts Museum my wife enjoyed one of those giant soft pretzels for a snack.

Russian Doll Stand in Budapest

big pretzels

The following day we spent at the city zoo during some light snow.  Diane contracted the flu afterwards and stayed confined in our Danube River and Buda Castle view room overlooking the famous Széchenyi Chain Bridge until we took the train back home to Weiterstadt, Germany.

Budapest Hotel Room

I took a few strolls along the river and enjoyed the statues, Parliament Building and talked to a few locals.

The iconic Little Princess statue was sculpted by László Marton who said he was inspired by his eldest daughter, who used to dress up and pretend she was a princess when she was very little.

Little Princess

Another famous statue is that of József Attila, who once was a poor boy who was a foster child for part of his life, then later gained prominence as one of Hungary’s greatest poets.

József Attila

The river was iced and no boats were seen.  Captured a photo through our room window of the Chain Bridge lit up at night.

Danube Budapest at Night

Beautiful architecture abounds, even the Torok Bank building was fabulous.

Budapest Parliment Bldg

Train travel to Budapest is an easy way to travel from most central European countries and the taxis are very reasonable though our hotel was centrally located. A few Danube River cruises also make stops in Budapest. Cafés were a warm and cozy respite during the frigid cold and periodic snowfalls.

Our room was at the Sofitel Hotel that I would highly recommend because of its central location and gorgeous views.


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  • big pretzels
  • Budapest Hotel Room
  • Budapest Parliment Bldg
  • Danube and Chain Bridge
  • Danube Budapest at Night
  • József Attila
  • Little Princess
  • Russian Doll Stand in Budapest

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