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Vienna taxman to collect its share of 'sharing economy'


Vienna city authorities say they want to level the playing field between private rentals and hotels by making those who rent out private apartments and rooms pay their taxes. And, it would like to have the tax money...

Individuals who rent out space are required to pay tax on the rentals, but many have not. This includes people listing on Airbnb and other sites. In addition, those who operate more than one apartment, or who have employees, are required to have a business license.

It's not a small business—Airbnb, the largest, has about 5,000 listings in Vienna. Officials will be notifying them all, and letting them know that the penalties have increased for those who don't have a license, from €420 to €2100.

Photo: Vienna's famed Hundertwasser House featured last January in a Gumbo "Picture of the Day"


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