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Utah helps animals cross the road (no chickens)


Actually, chickens aren't barred, but they're unlikely to join the moose, porcupines, squirrels, deer and bears that are starting to take advantage of their private crossing over six-lane I-80 at Parley's Canyon in Utah.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources built the bridge in 2018 to reduce traffic accidents—and animal fatalities— in the area. The overpass is filled with rocks, boulders and logs, simulating the area around it.

State officials are pleased with the project so far, and recently released a video of animals using it; even the most optimistic thought it would take longer than this for animals to adjust their habits and start using the bridge.

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Glad to see the bridge works so well.  A simplier and seeming equally effective equivalent to the large animal crossing bridges in Banff National Park.   These are landscaped with trees and grasses and are well accepted by all species of animals, including apex predators.


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