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Ushuaia: Through the Rear Window


It had been 8 years since my wife and I visited Ushuaia.  Our last trip had been a journey through Patagonia, which had begun in Chile and ended in southern Argentina.  This was to be a quick visit -- a flight in from Buenos Aires, then a bus transfer to our cruise ship, the Viking Octantis.

Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world and is beautifully framed by the Andes mountains.  People in Argentina consider it a "frontier town", as folks in America might think of Kodiak, Alaska.

The airport offers a fine view of the city....

01 Ushuaia

02 Ushuaia(Ushuaia's airport lobby)

The following views were taken through the bus window on our ride through town and offer a nice sampling of the waterfront region of Ushuaia.

03 Ushuaia

04 Ushuaia

05 Ushuaia

06 Ushuaia

07 Ushuaia

I spotted a few interesting works  of street art...

08 Ushuaia

09 Ushuaia

Our final view was taken from our cabin as the ship was departing for Antarctica....

10 Ushuaia


Images (11)
  • 00 Ushuaia
  • 01 Ushuaia
  • 02 Ushuaia
  • 03 Ushuaia
  • 04 Ushuaia
  • 05 Ushuaia
  • 06 Ushuaia
  • 07 Ushuaia
  • 08 Ushuaia
  • 09 Ushuaia
  • 10 Ushuaia

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