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Trowbridge Falls, Thunder Bay


A pretty spot for a picnic in northwestern Ontario is Trowbridge Falls.  The falls are in a conservation area on the Current River, and are nicely terraced.  In the summer people like to wade into the falls to sit down and cool off, and kids love playing in the water.  The flow is not too rapid and it's a pretty safe  environment.  The water is surprisingly warm in the summertime.

00 Towbridge Falls, Thunder Bay

There are hiking trails in the adjoining forest.  In the winter the trails around here are popular with cross-country skiers.

02 Towbridge Falls, Thunder Bay

There is a campground adjoining the park and legend has it that the spot is haunted.  There are a lot of stories of unexplained mischief that have been ascribed to ghosts.  Not sure if the stories are true, but there are true believers.


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  • 00 Trowbridge Falls, Thunder Bay
  • 01 Trowbridge Falls, Thunder Bay
  • 02 Trowbridge Falls, Thunder Bay

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