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Almost everyone loves the idea of traveling, exploring new cities and places, trying out various food items, meeting new people and getting as much adventure as one can. Your life seems thrilling and exciting when you travel.

It is always fun to travel to new places but it all starts with planning and making arrangements, which is the opposite of the fun part. Planning a trip is not an easy task. You will get hundreds of reasons that can stall your trip such as your family, work, money problems but if you are determined then nothing can stop you. If your travel plan is all done, then you just have to pack your things up and get ready for the adventure. But oh wait there! Did someone say packing? Yes, packing for your trip is a very complicated chore and not everyone is good at packing. A lot of questions come to your mind like what to pack, do I need this stuff, what if I do not take it with me and then afterwards I need it, what if I overload my bags with unnecessary things, how will I carry my luggage all by myself and many other questions.

Traveling is a lifetime gift you can give to yourself. The feeling of happiness and contentment that you get after a trip is just amazing. Experts say that maintaining a travel checklist is an effective way to keep your packing organized and to make your traveling experience more convenient and flexible. Even travel experts forget things when they are packing because being perfect in packing is almost impossible. These days planning a trip is becoming easy as there are many tour guides and travel companies that offer different interesting packages like 7 Day Kanchanaburi Tour from Bangkok and many more.

If you are going for an international trip, a weekend trip, a beach trip, a business trip or a long trip to the whole world and you are having issues with your packing list, then stay tuned with us. This article will let you know about all the traveling essentials that you must pack. This list includes all the things that would make your traveling experience best. Let’s begin the packing adventure 


It does not matter how you are going to travel. Whether it is by plane, train or bus, you need a comfortable and flexible traveling pillow so that you can rest peacefully without neck pain issues. You can carry it easily. You can hold it in your hand or just wrap it around your neck so it does not take much space.


You need a small travel backpack that would carry all your essentials. Your travel bag would include your water bottle, portable charger, charging cable, smartphone, iPad, wifi device, headphones, travel wallet, tissues, sanitizer, or any other basic item.


Packing cubes are the best thing to keep your stuff in an organized way. They are in squares and you can computerize your clothes or stuff very easily. You can keep your fancy clothes, workout clothes, and beach clothes in different cubes. Unpacking your luggage would also be convenient and flexible with the packing cubes. 


Is it even possible to survive without a global wifi device? I do not think so. Carrying a broadband hotspot with you is necessary as there won't be wifi facility at every place that you are planning to visit. For using Google Maps, for information about places, weather forecast, and for posting on your social media account, you need a reliable internet connection.


Nobody can spend a day without their phone, so having a smartphone is crucial on your trip. Carry your laptop or iPad if you need. They can work as your travel guide, help you in directions, for exploring new places, for connecting with people, and for capturing memories.


Keeping all your travel documents in an organized way should be your priority before you start your expedition. Your travel wallet would include your passport, cards, photos, contact details and cash of course. In this way, you can keep your essentials and valuable items in your hands without any fear or risk of losing them.


Every traveler wants to enjoy their playlist in peace while enjoying the view. For that purpose, you must carry your portable headphones with you. Make sure that they are compact and convenient to carry. They should have the noise canceling aspect so that you and your neighbor companion can enjoy the journey peacefully.


Having a portable charger in your backpack is one of the must-haves for your journey. The phone is everyone's lifeline these days and how can you let your lifeline go dead? So put a portable charger in your bag pack before you pack anything else.


When we talk about traveling accessories, getting a comfortable cashmere wrap is the best thing to have for your journey. You can just wrap yourself with that small blanket and your journey would become easy. You can wear it around your neck and save weight as well.


Sleep masks are necessary for some people while traveling or for daily routine. Get a sleep mask and enjoy your sleep during the journey. Silk sleep masks are more comfortable and pocket-friendly.

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Staying hydrated is significant because you would not want to get sick and end up in the hospital. Carry your water bottle, you can fill it with juice or fresh lime or whatever you like. Get a bottle that keeps the drink cold for maximum hours.


Carry a pouch of first aid kit things which must include medicines, thermometer, bandaids, sanitizers, wet wipes, and other things. Problems and accidents can happen any minute so it is always a sane idea to be prepared for any health issues or untoward incident.


Universal adapters are essential for traveling. The place you stay or go may not have outlets to charge your gadgets so carry your universal gadgets and USB cables. You would not want to roam around in an unfamiliar city and buy expensive chargers.


Put your most comfortable and lightweight slippers and socks in your backpacks. Your journey would be tiring and it would require lots of walking so wear your best comfy slipper and socks while traveling.


Every traveler loves to capture pictures. Especially if you are a travel photographer or a travel blogger, then having a camera is a must. You can carry your camera in your gadget bag and click aesthetic pictures of your favorite moments and places.


If you want to have a peaceful sleep during your journey or even at the place that you are staying at, then get yourself some earplugs and ignore the loudest noises with them. They are compact and easy to carry.


If you are someone who loves reading books, one of the major challenges include keeping your favorite books with you on the trip. The best way to deal with this issue is to get a Kindle and read your books without needing wifi. Reading on vacations is very much the order of the day and one can easily keep Kindle in the backpack.


If you are going on a weekend trip, business trip, or an international trip and you do not have a facility to wash your clothes, then you would need some laundry bags. Get laundry bags so that you can put your dirty clothes in it without mixing them with the clean clothes. When you unpack your stuff you would know what is clean and what should be washed.


We hope that these above-mentioned travel essentials would help you and give you the best traveling experience. Your packing list can vary from us but some things are a must and we are pleased to be a part of your trip. Enjoy your trips as adventure awaits you!


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Don't forget to notify your credit card company where and when you will be traveling.  Many companies today will suspend your card if you use it outside of your normal places leaving you in a financial bind in your new country.  In London I had my bank debit card captured by the ATM for suspected fraud.  Also, I suggest a camera with a big zoom lens since many great photo opportunities don't allow you to get close to the attraction.

George G

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