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Tower Bridge, London


Tower Bridge is one of London's iconic sites.  It's a lovely structure that I've seen many times, but this was the only time I saw it opening its drawbridge leaves to let a larger rivercraft pass.  This is shown in sequence in these photos:

01 tower bridge

02 tower bridge

03 tower bridge

Technically Tower Bridge is a double-leaf bascule (drawbridge) type that spans the River Thames.  It was completed in 1894 and has been pleasing tourists ever since.

04 tower bridge

07 tower bridge

I had 't notice on prior visits that there are grotesques on the Bridge.  One of these was used in last weekend's One Clue Mystery contest.  It was recognized by George G -- Congratulations, George!

One Clue Mystery - Copy

06 tower bridge


Images (8)
  • 00 tower bridge
  • 01 tower bridge
  • 02 tower bridge
  • 03 tower bridge
  • 04 tower bridge
  • 06 tower bridge
  • 07 tower bridge
  • One Clue Mystery - Copy

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