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Top 4 Day Trips from Sydney


Sydney, situated on Australia's southeastern coast, is the country's largest city and most popular port in the whole South Pacific. From gorgeous scenery, lush wildlife and magical beaches, it is no wonder that more and more tourists from all around the world decide on visiting this place in particular. Nevertheless, if you are one of the many lucky people who have already been to Sydney before (or you are a newcomer) and you ran out of ideas of what to see next, then do not worry, because this article has got you covered. It is certain that Sydney is a place which cannot be fully explored during one visit, but did you know that there are many interesting sights and activities outside the city too? So hit the road, and get to exploring!

1. Countryside living in the Southern Highlands

2 Southern Highlands

Located close to the city (it is only a 2-hour drive!) is the Southern Highlands, one of the most gorgeous countryside’s in the whole area. Guests who enjoy country life and who yearn for a bit of peace and quiet in nature should definitely put this one on their must-see list. So, why is this place a big deal and what can a newcomer do there? Sports enthusiasts can decide to go on a trip and visit the renowned Bradman Museum and even see the International Cricket Hall of Fame. Others who do not enjoy these types of activities can go visit the Courthouse in Berrima or Harper's Mansion which is built in a Gregorian style. People who are on the road with their families do not have to worry about fussy kids, because there are a lot of cheap restaurants and shopping centers in the area which will keep the younger family members entertained.

2. Explore the Blue Mountains

3 Blue Mountains

If you have been to Sydney before and you have not had the chance to visit the iconic Blue Mountains, then make it a priority next time. As a matter of fact, this location is definitely the most famous one on this list, and it is certainly a sight to see and remember. Many newcomers find the name of the mountain unusual, and it is only fair to explain how it originated. Actually, the area got its name due to the blue haze which surrounds the mountains. Experts claim that the piercing blue color of the haze is due to the eucalyptus trees which are native to the mountains. These trees disperse the oils into the air, creating a truly magical and scenic atmosphere. Located about 130 km away from the city of Sydney, the area is known for its jaw-dropping scenery, storybooks like valleys and art galleries. Visitors who enjoy a healthy dose of adrenaline rush can choose to go on railway rides in Scenic World. In addition, the mountains offer plenty of interesting things to do, such as visiting the Three Sisters or Wentworth Falls.

3. Sip wine in Hunter Valley

4 Hunter Valley

What is better than a fun time with a loved one enjoying the views of the countryside whilst sipping on a glass of wine? The answer is nothing, so head on to Hunter Valley next time you are visiting the city of Sydney. Located a bit further away than the other spots on this list (4 hours away to be exact), the region is most famous for its lush country life, wine yards and exclusive tasting wines. Most importantly, take this opportunity to learn more about how the wine's made and enjoy sampling from a bottle or two. However, if you find it difficult to pick a certain type of wine, then do not shy away from consulting professionals and dare to ask for recommendations. Also, exclusive Hunter Valley wine tours offer a wide array of wine tasting options for potential guests. This way, visitors who are not as familiar with the topic can easily get educated on the matter and learn more about the region's wines and produce. Another exciting activity which is not for the faint-hearted is signing up for a Hot Air Balloon ride. The luckiest visitors will not only get a complete view of the whole area but might also catch a glimpse of the kangaroos feeding!

4. Whale watching in Royal National Park

5 whale watching

Whether it is swimming, picnicking or just bike riding that you enjoy doing in your free time, the Royal National Park has got you covered! Located only an hour away from the city center, the national park offers gorgeous coastal cliffs, mysterious beaches and truly rich bushland. Adventurers might especially like Royal National Park because it offers a wide array of interesting activities such as exploring Depression-era caves and seeing more than 1,000-year-old engravings. Experts recommend visiting this area in the so-called whale watching season (which ranges from the months of May to November) when it is possible to witness adorable humpback whales in their natural habitat.

In sum, there are plenty of interesting day trips anyone can take when visiting the lovely city of Sydney. From basking in the raw wilderness of the Blue Mountains to completely relaxing in the vineyards of Hunter Valley, it is certain that every adventurer will find something worth seeing.

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