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Tissa Lake, Hambantota, Sri Lanka


We had stayed overnight at a guesthouse near Tissamaharama and were just driving along the shores of the nearby lake, when I spotted these trees and asked the driver to stop. The morning mist was just lifting and I thought the scene would make a nice atmospheric shot.

The lake is actually an ancient reservoir (thought to have been constructed in the 3rd century BC). Near its southern shore is this little island - I assume it was the top of a hill before the area was flooded.


Tissamaharama is a gateway to many of Southern Sri Lanka's main attractions. It is close to several national parks and there are a number of popular temples in the area. One of them is in the town itself.


The enormous white stupa is visible from the lake. The trees are apparently Indian rain trees and were planted by the British. As they are now sitting in the water, I can only assume that the level of the lake has been allowed to rise recently.


We visited Sri Lanka in March/April this year and it was obvious that the economic crisis was getting worse by the day. Petrol was getting very scarce and food prices were rising fast.

Meanwhile the economy has collapsed completely and the situation has become an emergency. Nevertheless, I would urge you to go as soon as it becomes reasonably possible again. It is a beautiful country with lovely people - let down by a corrupt political 'elite'.


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