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Three Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania This Year


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If you have been looking for a holiday then there are reasons to celebrate now. While the pandemic is far from over, there is much more freedom when it comes to travel now. Airlines are once again taking passengers to far-off destinations, and borders have opened up letting loved ones cross into neighboring countries.

Many people are now planning short breaks, longer vacations, and even epic year-long travels for 2022. If you are one of these, then there is one destination worth adding to your list. Although it isn’t often thought of as a holiday destination, Romania has much to recommend about it.

If you travel there, you won’t be the only one. It seems that the fastest growing airports in Europe are all in Romania. There must be some reason for that.

Three Reasons you Should go to Romania in 2022

Romania is a country of less than twenty million and is known for its forests and the Carpathian Mountains. It has its own cuisine which tends to be very savoury and is influenced by the surrounding regions including Hungary, and also Germany, and Turkey.

One of Romania’s most famous sons is the World Cup star Georgi Hagi, and Ilie Dumitrescu made an impact at Tottenham back in the 1990s. Of course, though, the most famous reference point for many is Transylvania and Dracula.

Due to its history and cultural references, there is much to see and do in Romania. The only problem is that you can only stay 90 days in the country and that might not be enough! Fortunately, if you truly fall in love with the country you can apply for a Romanian residence permit, and stay forever.

Before you get that far though, it is time to learn why you should visit Romania in 2022.

1) The Stunning Nature and Wildlife

Home to the Carpathian Mountains, and endless miles of forests, there are some beautiful areas for trekking.

There are lynx, wolves, deer, and an abundance of wildlife in Romania. There is also the second-largest underground glacier in the world and the beaches of the Black Sea. Not to mention the Bigăr Waterfall.

2) It has Serious History and the Architecture is Incredible

A walking tour of Bucharest will show you the vivid range of architecture that has come out of its lengthy history. Modern skyscrapers and restaurants sit next to Stalinesque architecture, and neo-Romanian structures.

Visit the Stavropoleos Monastery on the Dâmbovița River to check out its Byzantine late Renaissance style. Or head to The Romanian Athenaeum, one of the biggest landmarks, and home of a 70 metre fresco depicting important historical moments.

3) It is Affordable

It is said that a tourist could have a good time in Romania at around $60 per day. Of course, it depends on what your expectations are for your trip, and how much luxury you want, and what activities you will take part in.

The current exchange rate for the US dollar to the Romanian Lei is $1 for 4.4. To give you an idea of how far your money will go, here are some examples.

A McDonald’s Big Mac combo in Milan would cost around $10.1. In London, it would only be around $6.2, while in Madrid the equivalent meal would cost $10.

In Bucharest though, one of McDonald’s famous Big Macs with fries and a soft drink would only cost $4.5. For a bigger contrast, check out Paris with their meal costing more than $11.

Of course, Romania has some fine culinary options, so why go for fast food? Hopefully, though, you can see the comparison with other parts of Europe.

Is Romania Safe to Visit?

For many, Romania is one of the safest countries in Europe. It doesn’t suffer from the dramatic burglary rates of France, and it doesn’t have the violent crimes of other cities in Europe either.

While in the past there were issues with crimes against tourists, these have been addressed and a dramatic drop in these incidents has occurred. The number of street crimes in Romania has been falling steadily and rapidly according to Statista.

Over the last 8 years, street crime fell from a high of 50,000 incidents to less than half that. In 2020, 23,000 street crimes were reported.

Compared to the tourist spots of Glasgow, Malmo, London, Marseille, and Athens, Romania, in general, is a great place for a holiday destination.


From the stunning architecture to beautiful hikes in the Carpathian Mountains, to tasty cheap meals (that don’t involve McDonald’s), Romania has much to offer.

Don’t forget to learn about the legend of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) while you are in Romania, especially if you get to Transylvania.

There is also a rich history to learn about the country, and many areas to explore. There are metropolitan cities such as Bucharest, and many traditional towns and villages to visit. Romania is definitely a place worth adding to the 2022 destination list.

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