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The world's 'most' hotels


First World Hotel, Genting, Malaysia

In a world where everything seems to aspire to be the top in any category you can think of, The Independent (UK) has come up with a list of extremes for hotels, the select few that are the 'most' something.

The list ranges from the tallest (the Gevora Hotel in Dubai, at 1,170 feet) to the deepest (Go Below’s “Deep Sleep” cabins nestled 1,375 feet below an abandoned slate mine in England's Snowdonia National Park). While Gevora is the tallest hotel, it isn't the highest; that honor goes to the Everest View Hotel, located at the 13,000 foot mark, and with a great view of, wait for it, Mt Everest.

Beyond tallest and highest, there's northernmost, an honor claimed by Radisson Blu Polar in Norway's Svalbard territory and southernmost, claimed for Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa, Argentina. Hottest goes to the Inn at Death Valley, in the U.S. and Coldest is Whichaway Camp, Antarctica.

Saving the biggest numbers for the end, there's the First World Hotel in Malaysia, a 7,351-room hotel spread over two towers connected by a megamall featuring a casino, cinema, theme park, bowling alley and more: enough to keep a vacations going without actually leaving the hotel.

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