The Routhierville Covered Bridge (Where Gumbo Was #177)


Gumbo was on the Routhierville Covered Bridge. The bridge is located in the Bas -Saint-Laurent region of Quebec, Canada and goes over the Matapedia River. On the west bank of the river is the community of Routhierville along the Canadian National Railway. The community was renamed after its station master Alphonse Routhier.

/ 48.18250; -6


Gumbo was not only discovered there this week, he was surrounded by our experts! Congrats, to the correct guessers, in order received from PortMoresby, JonathanL ,TravelingCanuck, GarryRF and Roderick Simpson. Karen also gets partial credit for knowing the bridge was in Quebec.



Routhierville bridge was built in 1931 and replaced the ferry. It still is the only bridge in the area that can cross the river. It's 78.53 meters long and 6.32 meters wide.

IMG_20160714_165009525_HDR (1)

I love covered bridges and this is one of the nicest I've seen. It was classified a historic monument in 2009 and rebuilt and painted red in 2011.

/ 48.18250; -67.14


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If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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Well thought chase from TravelRob. Good clues and interesting history to this area.  Surprised to find that in France it's just called a KFC . 

I was very surprised Garry to see a PFK sign instead the KFC. When it comes to fast food chicken though in that part of the world, there's no place like Dixie Lee. 


If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.


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That looks like an offering from a road-kill Restaurant - "From your grill to ours".

Thanks Rob. Enjoyed that one.

Nice one Rob!  I pass this bridge every time i go to Quebec, enjoyed the view but didn't know much about it. I'll go to bed a little wiser tonight thanks to you.  :-)

And Rob, I'm with you...there's nothing like a good Dixie Lee. 

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