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The Grolier Club: Dedicated to Book Lovers


New York City is filled with places that celebrate lesser known or thought about aspects of history and industry. There are museums for almost everything. One of those places is the Grolier Club, which celebrates all things about books.

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The Grolier Club is a private club, dedicated to bibliophiles and lovers of graphic arts. It was founded in 1884 by Robert Hoe, a printing press manufacturer and book collector, along with eight other book lovers. Its mission is to foster the study, collecting, and appreciation of books and works on paper. The club maintains a a library dedicated to all aspects of books and graphic arts, with over 100,000 books about books; bibliographies; histories of printing, publishing and collecting; and catalogs of exhibitions and sales. The Grolier club promotes and encourages knowledge of books, making their library available for research, and maintaining galleries with where they hold exhibitions and events open to the public.

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When I visited in early December, the main gallery was hosting an exhibit titled “Further Impressions,” which was comprised of books and artifacts from the club’s collection chosen to show the importance of books and printing throughout history.

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Lessuck_Grolier club-6The Life of Charles Henry Count Hoym (1899)

Lessuck_Grolier club-9Lauderdale set of English Auction Catalogs (17th-18th Centuries)

Lessuck_Grolier club-10

Lessuck_Grolier club-11Polycronicon (1493)

Lessuck_Grolier club-12Printers International Specimen Subscription - a catalog of samples submitted by printing companies from around the world (late 19th century)

Lessuck_Grolier club-13Type samples by ATFAlphabets

Lessuck_Grolier club-16Handmade graphic novels (20th Century)

Lessuck_Grolier club-17

Lessuck_Grolier club-19Illustrated books (21st Century)

Lessuck_Grolier club-20Electroplated Book Cover (1895)

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Book Plates

While exhibit closed on January 2, there will be a new show opening on January 20th - “Magazines and the American Experience.” This will be an exploration of “how magazines have both driven and reflected the American experience.”

So, if you love books, printing or the history of either, come visit the Grolier Club. It is worth the trip.

Nuts and Bolts
The Grolier Club offers free admission to its gallery, although advanced tickets are required due to COVID.
It is open Monday - Saturday from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
It is located at 47 East 60th Street, between Madison Ave and Park Ave in New York City.


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