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The Elephants of Spitalfields


There are a lot of surprises in any big city, and London is no exception. Still...encountering a herd of bronze elephants outside the Old Spitalfields Market in the East End was a bit startling.


It didn't take much Googling and sign-reading to discover that this is the Herd of Hope, a project of the Kenya-based Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that is caring for over a hundred orphaned elephants, including the living originals of the 21 elephants in London. Each has a plaque with the elephant's own story.


The sculptures, done by Gillie and Marc, who specialize in animal art, spent their first year in London near Marble Arch before moving to Spitalfields earlier this year. Somehow, while wandering in the crowded market, we missed the indoor elephants, and only visited the ones on the sidewalk.



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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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