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Thanksgiving Flyers: More than 25 Million!

According to industry source Airlines for America, domestic airlines expect 25.1 million passengers over the Thanksgiving break--more than last year, and almost equal to 1 in every 12 Americans. With that many on the road, who's cooking the turkey? Read more HERE

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Sadly, I'll be one of the throng.  My least favorite time of the year to travel, but the most fun weekend of the year to be with family.   Makes it all worthwhile


All it will take is a bad snowstorm somewhere and things will really come undone.  Expect all flights to be completely full, so good luck rescheduling.


There's probably more people flying over the Christmas and New Year period, but this travel is spread out over 2 weeks, rather than just 4-5 days.   

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