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Tewkesbury: Time in an English Market Town


Tewkesbury is a lovely Medieval market town in England's Cotswolds region of Gloucestershire. The name Tewkesbury comes from Theoc, the name of a Saxon hermit who arrived here in the 7th-century.


At the village's heart is Tewkesbury Abbey. Consecrated in 1121 and credited with one of the finest Norman towers globally, the Abbey will mark its 900th anniversary in 2021. It is also renowned for its ornate 12th-century ceiling and stunning stained-glass windows. The Abbey offers tours year-round.


The village, located on the River Severn, features other Medieval buildings, including businesses and private homes.


There are several museums, a Heritage Centre, walking trails, and boat rides to fill your day.

6256Except during special events, Tewkesbury offers the peace and beauty only an English village can. Take your time and explore its many haunts. There is so much to see and do in this lovely Cotswold community.



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