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Tables of Greece


I have always found that outdoor table settings make interesting photography subjects and there is nowhere better than Greece to find an eclectic variety to choose from. In fact I saw so many on this trip that I self-published a book of the same title as this blog, featuring the best of the bunch.

IMG_3296 [3)

Some settings are stark, others colourful, and they all combine to form a patchwork of tables and tableware out the front of cafes and restaurants throughout the Greek Islands. Below is the gorgeous Zorba’s bar, now reportedly closed permanently – presumably because of the pandemic – which is sad news if true.


The settings always seem to match their surroundings perfectly.


IMG_3609 [2)


From the title picture down, these examples were shot on the beautiful islands of Mykonos (first three), Paros, Santorini, Rhodes and Crete.


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"Not all who wander are lost."  JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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