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Stunning Temple in Cambodia


Walking around Siem Reap, Cambodia, where we had come to see the famous Angkor Wat, we stumbled upon this less-well-known but nonetheless beautiful Buddhist temple. Wat Preah Prom Rath is one of the most striking pagodas in Siem Reap, situated right in the heart of the city at Pokambor Avenue.

Wat Preah Prom Rath is located on the riverside near the Old Market and only a 10-minute walk from most of the hotels in town. Although its origin dates back at least 500 years, much of what you see today was built after World War II so it looks quite modern compared with traditional temples. It does, however, have some Bayon-style carvings that are similar to the ones found at Angkor Wat.

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The temple grounds are enormous and contain a university building as well as various colourfully decorated towers and figures. But the feature that first catches your eye is the intricately carved boat with the standing monk on its deck.


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