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Street art, Parque das Nações, Lisbon


My wife and I came across this massive and colorful piece of art sitting on a pedestrian walkway.  We approached it from behind, and while it was clearly an animal, I was not exactly sure what it represented.

01 Iberian Lynx

02 Iberian Lynx

Turns out this sculpture represents an Iberian Lynx.  It has been made of recycled material and was crafted by Bordalo II, a young Portuguese artist known mostly for his high-quality graffiti.  The lynx stands 10 meters tall and was installed in 2019 in the Parque das Nações (Park of Nations, World Expo Park) neighborhood.

03 Iberian Lynx

04 Iberian Lynx

Not a bad use of garbage!


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  • 00 Iberian Lynx
  • 01 Iberian Lynx
  • 02 Iberian Lynx
  • 03 Iberian Lynx
  • 04 Iberian Lynx

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