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Stockholm finds historic shipwrecks—downtown!


Two shipwrecks, at least 400 years old, have been found in a channel next to Skeppsholmen, one of the islands on which central Stockholm is built. The location is not far from where the Swedish warship Vasa was recovered 50 years ago, but their identity is so far unknown.

00There are believed to be many more ships below the waters of Stockholm's archipelago; these were found by chance by divers who were inspecting the channel to prepare for a major sailing race set to take place in July. Other ships have been found in the area in the past.

Researchers from the Maritime Museum are using old records and hi-tech equipment to try to identify them, including developing a 3D model that can be used to compare them to others.

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Photo: Research boat anchored over the wrecks, State Maritime Museum; map,


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