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Stacked Chairs


OK, I'll admit it's an odd obsession, but I'm attracted to and entranced by stacks of chairs that I've spotted in my travels.


The geometric patterns, the colors, the knowledge that someone has taken the time to design chairs that stack properly, and that some others have had the job of stacking them... those are all part of it.

The two stacks above are from a recent stay in Riga, Latvia—two different cafes, only meters away from each other. The one just below is from the same trip, piled up in Helsinki's Lutheran cathedral, and reminiscent of the two after that, from St Helen's Bishopsgate church in London.


Those two are the same image with just a bit of chroma-twisting in the camera.


And, just to prove that disorder can also be orderly, here's a non-symmetrical pile outside a cafe in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France.



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