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Spring Time in England


After a long winter the growing season for apple trees has begun three weeks late. April was always "Apple Blossom Time" but we've had the sunniest and driest three months on record. Darn cold too. I have three apple trees and this one is the first to flower this year, May 5, 2021. I hope they will get to ripen before October.


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Sorry Dr F. No Cider this year. Wherever I travel I love to pick fresh fruit from the tree. Or the taste of a Pineapple harvested and eaten in minutes. It's just like you remember but with twice the taste. When my daughter had a house in Greece I would go up to the flat roof where a Lemon tree over hanged. The flavour was amazing. From tree to mouth in seconds. Try it, you'll be surprised too.

These are all dwarf trees. They ripen between late August and October. 3 different variants. Only 2 metres high. The apples stay on the tree until needed. Local kids call in with their Mother and pick a bagfull. Brings them closer to nature and they always remember to come back next year. "Apples do grow on trees."

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