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Spring Greening in Prospect Park


I'm fortunate to live only a couple of blocks away from my favorite park, Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Or, maybe it's my favorite because it's nearly my back yard—but either way, I'm always excited when Spring comes, and the park starts to wake from its winter state.

April 1 (above), April 17 (below)


That's not to say it's not beautiful in winter; it has its attractions in all seasons, with Summer the gaudiest, but Spring is perhaps the most interesting because so much changes, and because it is possible to see wonderful days ahead. Autumn shows just as much change, but the future prospect seems less pleasant.

March 27 and April 15
P1070025This year, I've spent more time in the park in Spring than I have in years, partly because this year's pandemic made Spring travel impossible, and partly because that's also made the park nearly my only outdoor venue.

April 11 and April 17

1070040And spending more time in the park also gave me a clearer picture of the day-to-day changes as the overall color shifted from brown toward green, from stark to lush and, important for personal reasons, from bitter to pleasant temperatures.

The Carousel building, March 27 with magnolia, and on several days in April.
1070059P1070022P1070071I'm sure the experience could be repeated in any four-season city's parks, but I do think that Prospect Park, with its wonderful water and forest features, its classical and rustic structures and its infinite variety is one of the best examples. Perhaps next spring, you'll keep your cameras out and stroll your local parks for TravelGumbo!

20200327_170500P1070019At the Willink Entrance, in March with magnolia, and in April

The Camperdown Elm, above, is a survivor, barely, at 150

Another kind of green in the park; George G recognized the carved base of a fountain near the Concert Grove as our One-Clue Mystery this week.


This red-red-robin was definitely not bobbing along, and seemed to want to know just what business I had, taking his picture...



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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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