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Spring Colors, Brooklyn Botanic Garden


In colder climates, early Spring is a time when bears and botanic gardens emerge from hibernation, as do I.


Although the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is only a couple of blocks from my home, my winter walks there tend to be head-down, counting steps rather than enjoying the view.


These images, made in mid-March, were a real spirit-lifter; only two weeks before, a visit to the garden in chilly weather felt uncomfortable and a good part of it was spent on indoor exhibits.


But on this day, all sorts of hopeful colors had begun to make themselves felt, and the temperature rose to near 70°, making all the difference!



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  • 20240314_165231
  • 20240314_165316

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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I have recently bought an Edgeworthia (which, I believe, is what your final photo shows). I had no real intention of buying anything beyond a couple of bags of compost when I visited the little garden centre near us, but the smell of this plant was absolutely irresistable. The owner did not know much about it himself and we looked it up in one of his books - I did not want to spend £50 on something that would not survive in our garden. It is apparently quite hardy and your photo seems to confirm that.

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