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Spotted on the Road: Renault Twizy in Rouen


This little 4-wheeler, equipped with a 20hp electric motor, can do about 50 mph at top speed, with a driver and a passenger behind.


It was hard to see in to the dashboard, but in two tries, at least you can see it's a steering wheel, not handlebars. The side window is flexible plastic, but the vehicle is built with a full roll cage to protect passengers...and an extra part of  the seat belt to keep drivers from falling out!


There's a big push for electric vehicles in France, and we've been seeing charging spots everywhere we've visited. Here's one, charging.


They've been marketed in the U.S. by Renault's partner Nissan, and called the Nissan New Mobility Concept...and the U.S. models have a governor to keep speed below 25 mph. Scoot, a San Francisco scooter renter, has some.


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