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Spotted on the Road, Jackson, Wyoming


01 Jackson Wy


You'd likely never know there was a Boot and Shoe Repair shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, if not for this strategically placed pickup truck parked by the highway heading to the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park


This yellow-orange workhorse made me do a double take before I parked nearby so I could cross the highway and get some photos for "Spotted on the Road".  It's a classic, pickup truck that's seen decades of hard service.  I suspect from the fact that it's still on the road, it's been reliable and a fairly low maintenance vehicle.   The truck was parked near the shoe repair shop (although it was closed when I drove by so I couldn't question the owner about it).


This truck is a Chevrolet 3100 pickup, a series that was the company's main post-war commercial design.  It's likely from the mid 1950s, possibly 1956 or 57 (in 1958 double headlights were introduced).  Anybody able to pint it down more accurately than that?



03 Jackson Wy

04 Jackson Wy

05 Jackson Wy

07 Jackson Wy


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  • 01 Jackson Wy
  • 03 Jackson Wy
  • 04 Jackson Wy
  • 05 Jackson Wy
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