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Spain: A bouquet of off-beat museums


It's easy to find the big museums in any city, in any country, but the smaller and quirkier sometimes go unnoticed. And every now and then, someone points out a few good ones.

This time, it's news site that has put together a selection of Spain's oddball museums that may interest you on your next trip. Here are a few:

  • Ciudad Rodrigo, near Salamanca, has a museum of urinals and chamber pots
  • Barcelona has a museum dedicated to hearses and funeral coaches (image above)
  • Girona has a forest of erotic sculptures created by sculptor Xicu Cabanyes
  • Guadalest has two on the list: a museum of salt and pepper shakers, and a museum dedicated to the works of a microminiaturist who has reproduced huge paintings on a grain of rice.

If you have the time, you could make an entire itinerary from the list!

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