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South Africa: Rugged Coastline, Isolated Beaches


South Africa is one of the most exciting countries on the tourist map of the world. According to the data available at, the number of tourists rose from 10.2 million in 2010 to 16.8 million in 2018.

On the one hand, there are interesting towns with rich history, like Johannesburg or Durban. On the other, there are beautiful beaches along the rugged coastline.

Here’s why we think you should spend your sea holidays in South Africa.

1) Friendly, hospitable people

One of the strongest impressions that tourists have in South Africa is that people are extremely friendly. South Africans have experienced some difficult challenging moments in the last fifty years, from apartheid to the civil war.

This long-term struggle has made South Africans more sensitive than some other nations.

Even though this society still isn’t a perfect one, they always try to show hospitality and cordiality to tourists.

That’s why visiting the coast of South Africa will be an even more pleasant experience.

south africa

2) Tasty, mixed cuisine

When you mix indigenous ingredients with recipes from various cultures, the final cooking product is usually amazing.

And this is exactly what happened in South Africa. The culinary tradition of the local people in combination with the Dutch and English influences has given birth to Malva pudding, bunny chow, and other original South African meals.

Also, when you’re lying under the sun shade on the coast of the Indian Ocean, you must try the local craft beer or one of acclaimed South African wines. This country produces thousands of gallons of both first-class beer and wine.

 3) Secluded ocean paradises

We’ve mentioned the Indian coast of South Africa in the previous paragraph for a reason. The Atlantic coast is steeper, and the water is much colder here.

That’s why we recommend the eastern part of the coast, i.e. from Richard’s Bay in the north to Port Elizabeth in the south.

In this area you can visit dozens of beautiful beaches. Also, here you can see the historical landmarks of Durban.

On the other hand, the center of the West Coast – Cape Town – hides some beautiful beaches, as well. Still, that’s as north as tourists should go when it comes to the West Coast.

4) Surfer-friendly beaches

The sandy, low-laid East Coast of South Africa is one of the best spots for beginner surfers in the world.

Most of these beaches are placed in the KwaZulu-Natal region. From Southbroom and Umzumbe for beginners to Wild Coast for more experienced surfers, you can enjoy a wide range of activities there.

You might have heard that shark attacks are common in South Africa. However, they’re investing a lot of money in nets and other protective equipment. So, don’t worry about these rumors and feel free to start your surfing quest there.


 5) Amazing spots for divers

Apart from sandy beaches, there are some rugged coastline areas along the East Coast, as well. These are perfect spots for divers.

You can find most of them in the aforementioned KwaZulu-Natal region.

Also, some really amazing parts for diving are placed between the towns of George and Port Elizabeth. Technically, this area below neither to the East Coast nor to the West Coast.

What’s more, there are some beautiful diving places around Cape Town, as well.

 6) Traveling on a budget

One of the best things in South Africa for tourists is the availability of services. For instance, bus and train tickets can be found at really affordable prices. Although the means of transportation might be late from time to time, most usually they drive on time.

Also, there are some great deals for inexpensive plane tickets, like Kulula cheap flights. That way, you can go diving to Cape Town today and swim in the Indian Ocean near Durban tomorrow without wasting a fortune.

 7) Traditional ocean towns 

Although some of the most luxurious hotels in the world are situated in South Africa, there are much more traditional beach towns. In those places, you can usually taste fresh fish, prepared in the traditional local way and meet some genuine local people.


What’s more, most of these towns and villages are surrounded by secluded beaches in which you can relax without any noise and rush.

Also, local agencies usually arrange excursions to places that you wouldn’t be able to visit on your own.


When it comes to tourism, South Africa is making tremendous progress, especially its coast. The authorities and tourist agencies have invested a lot of money and energy to ensure first-class service and security for tourists. To top it all off, local people have proven to be as hospitable and friendly as it gets.

When you add great transportation services to this formula, visiting the coastline of South Africa might be one of the most pleasant experiences in your tourist life.


Bio:  Having been the very successful Head of e-Commerce for numerous South African online stores, David Hart has now shifted his aim towards the Digital Marketing field. David Hart is currently the head of marketing for Domestic Flights South Africa and is sometimes able to contribute to the writing of their content through his vast knowledge of travel.


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Having returned from three weeks in South Africa only a few hours ago, I can certainly confirm that it is a lovely country that has much to offer to visitors. And, yes, the people we met were, almost without exception, very welcoming and friendly. You need to watch out for the bad apples and be vigilant at all times, but that does not apply only to South Africa. We are planning to return in September and are already looking forward to it.

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