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Snake River, Eastern Idaho


The Snake River is one of the most prominent rivers in the Inland Northwest.  I've seen it along most of its length, from its origins in Wyoming through its confluence with the Columbia River in Washington state.  Among my most memorable wilderness experiences was rafting the Snake River through Hell's Canyon.

01 Snake River

02 Snake River

An historic section of the Snake River lies just east of Ontario, Oregon, near historic Fort Boise, which was a river crossing section of the Oregon Trail.  This part of eastern Idaho is quickly becoming a wine-producing region and the scenery along the river is quite pretty.

04 Snake River

03 Snake River

A roadside stop provides some interesting historic signage about the significance of this region.

05 Snake River


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  • 01 Snake River
  • 02 Snake River
  • 03 Snake River
  • 04 Snake River
  • 05 Snake River

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