Small Van Gogh museum, big gift


Christmas came just a little late for the Van Gogh House in Drenthe, Netherlands, when it inherited a painting that just may be an original, and previously unknown, painting by the artist.

The museum is located in a house where Van Gogh lived for a few months early in his career, in fact at the time he decided to make art his profession. The painting was left to the museum in the will of a woman from The Hague, whose family owned it for many years—possibly since it was painted.

The woman's executor told the museum board she had decided to donate it after visiting the museum and being impressed by the personal tour and warm welcome she got as she was touring the exhibit of "Vincent's Room."

Experts will now examine the painting, currently held in a vault, to determine if it is truly his work. It appears to show a scene in a tavern, and is in a style similar to Van Gogh paintings of the early 1880s.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Unbelievable !  Must be worth $100 million or more if authentic, but would be of untold value to the public who will now be able to view this work.  Vincent is by far my favorite artist.

George G