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Singapore's Amazing Zoo


While many people think of Singapore as a densely-packed metropolis like New York, Chicago or Hong Kong (and it is), it's also a city and country with heavily-forested natural areas among its 69 islands, and one of those areas includes the Singapore Zoo, which calls itself the "World's Best Rainforest Zoo."

003 Singapore 2-2006. Downtown

It won't come as much of a surprise, based on that, to see how many of the animals and exhibits feature the animals of warmer climates, and especially Asia. The 69-acre zoo sits in a rainforest area on the edge of a reservoir.

021 Singapore -2006. Zoo signage

The Zoo is not that old; it first opened in 1973, so it follows the modern trend of animals in exhibit spaces meant to resemble their normal habitats, with clever use of moats and glass instead of cages to keep the animals and their admirers apart. About two million of those admirers show up each year to meet the 315 species on display, sixteen percent of them endangered species.

022 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. Elephants026 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. CHEETAH028 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. BARBARY SHEEP

Elephants from Asia, a cheetah from sub-Saharan Africa and Barbary sheep from North Africa in their zoo habitats.

030 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. Chimpanzees033 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. Komodo DragonCheerful chimps and a watchful Komodo dragon...

034 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. ASIAN SMALL CLAWED OTTERUnbelievably cute Asian small-clawed otters

035 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. Golden pheasant035 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. PEACOCKGolden pheasants and a peacock share the rainforest with the herons below

038 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. FLAMINGOS

And there's a fish pond, swarming with a variety of species

040 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. FISH POND

Add in a play area for children and beautiful formal gardens, and you have a formula for an enjoyable day's visit!

041 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. Play area043 Singapore 2-2006. Zoo. Gardens

No, this one won't be found in the Zoo: the mythical merlion is one of the city's beloved and recognizable symbols.

011 Singapore 1998 Merlion


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  • Downtown Singapore
  • Singapore:  Merlion
  • Singapore Zoo entrance
  • Singapore Zoo signage
  • Singapore Zoo.  Elephants
  • Singapore Zoo.  CHEETAH
  • Singapore Zoo.  BARBARY SHEEP
  • Singapore Zoo. Chimpanzees
  • Singapore Zoo.  Komodo Dragon
  • Singapore Zoo.  Golden pheasant
  • Singapore Zoo.  PEACOCK
  • Singapore Zoo.  FLAMINGOS
  • Singapore Zoo.  FISH POND
  • Singapore Zoo.  Play area
  • Singapore Zoo.  Gardens

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