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Seven ways to make Your Trip Unforgettable



We all want to make our trips unforgettable with great memories. However, there are some incidents like getting hurt, or situations like lost in an unknown place, or decision like selecting a wrong travelling agency, might lead the trip to a horrible point. Especially the very tempting overseas destinations like Turkey and Greece tours. So if you’re planning to go on a trip, you’re required to know some fundamentals which help you to make great memories and prevent the hurdles or problems during that time. And the plus point is that it applies to all kinds of travelling trips such as road, cruise or aeroplane. So let's start it:            

Patience is important: 

Don't make yourself worried about the things which can’t be controlled by you. Life is too short, so getting upset, angry and annoyed with things, might ruin your whole trip. Missed the bus? Don't worry there will be another one.

In these kinds of situations take a deep breath and remind yourself that you're on a trip. Be thankful that it is not getting worse.

Stay calm, keep patience and enjoy the present moments. 

Keep an open mind:

Don't judge the culture, customs, norms, and lifestyle of others, if t is different from your own. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Instead of being arrogant by assuming your point of view is correct, listen to their opinions even if you don't agree with them. Practice empathy. Discover and embrace different possibilities, religions, customs, interests, and opinions. Ask a question, look for the answer. You don't have t agree with everyone, but you might get surprised by what you have learned from those people whom you meet on your trip.

Wake up early:

Want the best attraction all to yourself without large tourist crowds? Then wake up before the sunrise. It also considers as a magical time for photos due to soft diffused rays of the sun and watching the sunrise in the different region contain its own natural beauty and magic.

The other benefit you will get is interacting with locals easily. The sketchy area will be less dangerous. And who doesn't want the postcard Instagram travel shot? Which means you need to get out there before everyone shows up.

Don't over plan and be flexible:

Everything is not going to happen according to your plan. So make sure you' re not over planned the trip because it could lead you to disappointment as well. Be flexible and open to change your plan if you want to learn something along the way. Leave the rest to the universe; it will determine for you!

My only suggestion is to pick starting points, include 2 or 4 activities and an ending point for the trip.

Knowledge about the place:

This point is really important, especially for an overseas trip. Make sure you know about the place before the visit. Keep a guide book or read a good book about the place. So you can learn and know the origin, history, and culture of the country or place.

It will also make the trip a bit thrilling and adventures. And you're travelling experience will become more fulfilling with lots of emotions, feelings and will build the attachment with that particular place. It’s important to have a foundation.

Keep the extra card and cash:

Cash is the most important source of travelling. So make sure you kept some extra or have an extra card and keep it safe somewhere else instead of in the wallet, which might get stolen or lost easily. And if it happened without any backup. Then you are screwed!

Pack an eyes mask and ears plugs:

This is actually number#1 one in my list; earplugs are the best friend of travellers, it muffles the sound of barking dogs, street noises, horns, crying babies, natural sale man and more. Earplugs give comfort and effectiveness. On the other hand, an eyemask is a wonderful investment to cure the jet-leg.  

Keep a scarf and bring your water Bottle:

No matter where you go, make sure you always kept a scarf to protect your self and a water bottle. The scarf is not only great to protect you from the sun, but it can also be used as a warp for conservative countries or a makeshift towel or can be used for carrying around the stuff, and there are many other uses of a scarf. It's a handy accessory, especially on trips. 

Furthermore, constantly buying the water bottle is not good for the environment, yet, tap water might not be healthy for you. So the solution to both problems is to pack a filtered water bottle for yourself, which can be re-use and you don't need to drink tap water. And the bonus point you will save some extra money.

Bonus Tips:

Want to plan a great trip with less expenditure, can't be handy, but with these tips, you might save a lot.

Book cheapest flight:

Going on an international trip is the most expensive, but with a certain practice, you might learn how to book the cheapest flights, for example, booking 2 or 3 months in advance. Sign up on the site which gives the cheap ticket alerts, take a look at the alternative airport which is near to your destination or keep track of fares.

Walking tours:

Another way to save money is by walking around the city and visiting the places instead of expending on public transportations. Furthermore, it is more relaxing and engaging, and you can observe the surrounding of the region and people leaving life style

Eat local food:

instead of expending money on an expensive meal in an expensive hotel, go and eat the local food from the local restaurant or street food, you will experience and learn the real taste of their food on a minimum amount. 

Get travel insurance:

No one knows what might happen to them on a trip, you could be sick, injured or robbed, and it mostly happens when you least expect it.

And if you have travel insurance, you don't have to worry about the hospital, big bills or the stolen happen. For any kind of trip, you can always get insurance policies from an insurance company like World Nomads.


These tips are really useful for every kind of trip whether it's an adventure trip or a pleasure trip and of course for both overseas travel and local road trip. They will give you a better travelling experience. And remember you don't have to sell everything to become a traveler; it's always good to have a home where you can go back. 



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