September 23, 2019: 1985 Triking Cyclecar, Calgary


The Triking is a two-seat, open cockpit, sports vehicle similar to the 1930s Morgan 3 wheelers.  It was founded by a former Lotus employee, Tony Divey, who built the first Triking in the late 1970s.  It's sort of a cross between a sports car and microcar.

1985 Triking Cyclecar (2)

1985 Triking Cyclecar (3)

1985 Triking Cyclecar (4)

The car features a steel frame with alloy panels and a fiberglass chasis.  The air-cooled engine is a twin cycle Moto Guzzi motorcycle engine.  It is a rear-wheel drive design. .It's available fully built and ready to drive, or in kit form for self build. 

1985 Triking Cyclecar (5)

1985 Triking Cyclecar (6)

This one was spotted in Calgary.

1985 Triking Cyclecar (7)


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